Surgical Smoke Removal

The patented Integrated Telescopic Pencil (PenEvac 1)

With the Penevac™ bovie pencil, smoke evacuation is done at the point of origin, without having another person standing by with a wand.  

The blue cord is inside the smoke evacuation tubing, and there is a 45° swivel where the cords connect to the pencil, which is more ergonomic and helps to prevent issues with cord "memory” or tangling.  

The tip end can telescope up to 5” and the length of exposed electrode can also be varied.  

The Crystal Vision™ smoke evacuation units 350-D and 360 offer the most convenient and effective method of collecting and filtering surgical smoke.  The 350-D can also be used for laparoscopic procedures because of its flexibility in vacuum power and time delay.

Click here to view the PenEvac 1 Brochure:

The Squair™ Product Line

We also carry the Squair™ product line for smoke evacuation, especially suitable for cardiac and spine surgery.

The same innovative designers of the first smoke evacuation method patented for laparoscopic procedures, now bring you the miniSQUAIR® for open surgical procedures.

Proven Benefits to Surgeons

- No Intraoperative Involvement

- Low Profile Does Not Obstruct Vision

- Allows Use Of Retractors

- Does Not Disturb Operative Protocols
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UV Flash & Pass Through Window

Whole Room UVC Cleaning

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